Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Splish Splash Yellow tomato

This is a home bred variegated variety, still a long way from being stable. I think likely to be showing a wide selection of traits, parents are an unstable dwarf and a indeterminate. I'm hoping to continue on with my F2 selection  for a compact growing determinate with variegated foliage.

The variegation comes from the variety 'Variegated', the pollen parent of this variety, which is a little surprising as literature indicates variegation in tomatoes is passed on through the female line only. So as yet I'm not sure if this was an anomaly or whether a inherited trait. I've recently sown some F3 seed, fingers crossed some are variegated!

These fruits from last summer were a large cherry size and pale yellow, taste was good and zingy for a yellow fruit.

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