Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lange Ærmer and Variegated Lange Ærmer tomatoes

Lange Ærmer, F generation unknown, seeds
originally fromNew World Seeds and Tubers

Lange Ærmer a beautiful indeterminate, Green When Ripe (GWR) striped tomato bred by Tom Wagner. They make large plants and have long wispy looking leaves, the sepals are long. Fruits are very pretty, being elongated and similar in looks to Green Sausage (originally called Green Sleeves by Tom) The fruits I find delicious, firm and nicely sweet with that lovely fresh spicy taste that often goes with GWR tomatoes. They are great eaten fresh in salads and look gorgeous sliced up amongst other coloured and shaped tomatoes. They also cook well, having quite thick fleshy walls and few seeds. 

Ripe fruits, thick walls with few seeds

A line of  Lange Ærmer

A couple of years ago I found one of my Lange Ærmer seedlings showing variegated foliage. I wondered if the variegation would fade as the plant grew older, but the unusual colouration continued to be present in leaves, stem, sepal and faintly on the fruits. As this was a segregating variety I did ponder if Tom Wagner had perhaps used the variety Variegated in the breeding of this tomato but he said it hadn't been used. 

Variegated Lange Ærmer

Close up of the partial variegated striping on the fruits,
sepal and stems

Variegated Lange Ærmer fruit on the left,
Lange Ærmer on the right

I saved seed from the variegated plant which I refer to as VAL, initially not knowing much about why a tomato behaves in this way or if it is stable or transferable trait, I have continued to grow out VAL and also used it in breeding projects. So far I have found subsequent generations of VAL have all displayed the same style of variegation although this does vary a bit from plant to plant. I also sent some seed back to Tom, I don't know if he has had similar results. Happily fruits are equally tasty from both types of Lange Ærmer and I hope both of these will be stable varieties in the near future. I have noticed that in a cooler summer fruits are not as elongated. I wonder too, how much of a part cooler growing temperatures have on the variegation seen. 


  1. And how did it work out with the seeds from VAL - did they get the beautifully variegated leaves?
    I'm so funed of the irregular leaves, and so I have some of the woolly types and allso Splash of Cream❤️

    1. Yes they carry a heritable recessive gene for this form of variegation, it's not as bold as Splash of Cream/Variegated. I don't know if it would show up in hotter climes that the UK though. I love love woolly tomato plants, just so pretty :) The leaves are lovely and touchy-feely. Which Woolly ones are you growing?

    2. This year I have Fuzzy Wuzzy and Blue Wooly (I think it is called☺️)
      If you would like to swap seeds -this is my list of tomatoes 2016

      Black Seaman

      Blue Wooly

      Dancing with Smurfs

      Early Siberian


      First in Field

      Fuzzy Wuzzy


      Jersey Devil

      Kongen af Thailand

      Lemon Boy

      Lille Lise

      Micro Tom

      Miel de Mexique

      Mini Bell

      Mini gold

      Oxe Heart



      Pink Bumble Bee

      Pomodoro del Pondolo

      Red Robin

      Small Egg

      Snowball white

      Splash of Cream

      Tiny Tim


      White Beefsteak