Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dancing with Smurfs x Black and Brown Boar F2

The parents
Dancing with Smurfs (DWS) is one of my favourite anthocyanin (antho) tomatoes, it does very well here. 

Black and Brown Boar (B&BB) was bred and developed by Brad Gates, it is a beautiful black, striped tomato with delicious flavour. The plants grow and crop well here. 

So from DWS x B&BB I'm hoping for a great tasting striped cherry with some antho, black striped would be great. I first made this cross in 2012, saving the resulting F1 seeds to be sown the following year. This year I have sown several F2 seeds and eagerly await their progression.

DWS B&BB F2 plant

DWS x B&BB F2 plant expressing anthocyanin in the


  1. That is an interesting cross. I can't wait to see some segregates.

    1. I had a bit of a hiccup this year, no real growing done, hopefully next year :)
      I really like both parents, from two awesome breeders, so fingers crossed for some good outcomes!

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  2. Pretty interesting to know its anthocyanin in the leaves, I have some of it in my Indigo Rose and I thought it was due to phosphorous deficiency.

  3. You're right, generally blue tinged leaves indicate deficiency or perhaps indicate growing temperatures have been a bit low.. But here cooler temperatures and sunlight will bring the colour out in plants bred from anthocyanin lines, although not in all plants. I also find the anthocyanin present in some varieties can compound (I think likely due to lower levels of chlorophyll present) or mask deficiency problems,

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