Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Variegated tomatoes

I really like the beauty of variegated tomato plants, I started my collection with the variety Variegated (although incorrect it's sometimes called a Splash of Cream) and have gone from there. This year I bought 'Potato Leaf Variegated' bred by Keith Mueller and Cherokee Purple Variegated, which was named Faelan's First Snow by the person who found it growing amongst other Cherokee Purple plants at the nursery he worked at. The remainder are varieties I've bred and I'm hoping to develop over time. 
These are some of the plants I'm growing this season;

The variety 'Variegated', this plant has a lot of
Potato Leaf Variegated, young plant just waiting to be planted out.
Faelan's First Snow, healthy plants with some
variegation showing on the leaves. 
F3 selection, looks like it will be a Micro Dwarf type
Looking for a variegated heart
Love the variegated patterns on these potato leaves
Variegated Dwarf type, variegation is from paternal line.
I think pretty, looks a bit like frosting
A variegated F1, both parents have this trait.
Another variegated F1, looking for combination of traits but at some point
dwarf, potato leaf, slight possibility of stripes.
F3 selection
F3 potato leaf seletion
Unsure of this one as miss-labelled
Green Zebra Cherry x Variegated Lange Ærmer F1. I had
similar results with the F1's last year.
Small growing determinate
With Antho?


  1. Hallo❤️
    Would it by any chance be possible to buy seeds from your variegated tomatoes - I reeeealy do love then and am just about to start a collection of them. But since I only have two (Splash of Cream and Moonlight Mile) I guess it is not yet a collection😉
    Hope to hear from you❤️
    May the Sun shine, the rain fall silent at night and your tomatoes be full of taste...

  2. I am also interested in the offspring from VAL. I grow a variety of Splash of Cream and a generic Variegated. I am interested in a plant line that has striping or variegation in the fruit as well. I would be happy to pay shipping for a few seeds to play with.

  3. Hey could you tell me your email address or Facebook if you have one so I can send you messages about something?