Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Micro Blue tomato

This is a cutie little tomato plant, only growing to about 6-8 inches high and very much a windowsill type plant which is happy to grow in a plant pot or basket.

Just starting to flower.

Young fruits tinged with Anthocyanin

Compared to a regular tomato plant it's never going to produce a huge amount of fruit and taste although ok isn't fantastic, but it is a fun decorative tomato plant which I think looks great.

A good set of fruit, at the back the first couple are  ripe

Micro Blue will produce a good crop for the size of tomato plant, fruits have great keeping qualities and will remain ripe on the plant for a good while. They do taste ok, not sweet but more 'tomatoey' and I think quite welcome out of season as these are easy to grow indoors.
Red fruit with a touch of 'blue' (Anthocyanin)

Freshly picked

Micro Blue
I've just been potting up some seedlings into individual pots, still very small but they are quite early to start fruiting.

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