Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sosulka Chernaya - Black Icicle

Black Icicle lined up
Sosulka Chernaya is the original Ukraine name of this variety which translates to Black Icicle and what a lovely tomato this is. For me it's not really a paste tomato as it's a bit too juicy although they do cook well, are lovely sliced raw and good in salads. The last few summers they have grown strongly and produced a heavy crop all summer until the frosts. Given how well they set in cooler temperatures, I think this one is ideally suited for cooler climates and one I might try growing outdoors this year.

They are a indeterminate variety and plants grow fairly tall, the leaves are wispy and droop somewhat, I keep thinking they need a drink when they don't! Fruits when ripe hold well both on the vine and once picked. Unripe picked fruit also keeps well, which is handy come the end of the season. My seeds originally came from Baker Creek.

Black Icicle are excellent producers

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