Saturday, 29 March 2014

Grappler's Quest

Grappler's Quest is a delightful cherry variety bred by Tom Wagner. This is his description taken from New World Seeds and crops "All I wanted was a sweet red cherry from the most unlikely of parents; Schimmeig Creg, Sun Sugar, and Green Grape. I feel like I am in a grappling tournament, facing one opponent after another.  But if somebody wants to grapple with me…the quest may end soon."

What a mix!

So far for me Grappler's Quest have been a small chocolate brown cherry, taste is great with a good balance of sweet. They are not one to pass without sampling and were a good producer even in cooler times of our early 2013 summer. I like this variety very much and will be growing them again this year, I guess this line should really be called Grappler's Chocolate Brown or something similar.

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