Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yellow Furry Boar off type

I bought seeds from Wild Boar Farms a couple of years ago for this variety, although the plant I grew that year were an apparent seed mix up. Brad Gates had several dwarf varieties growing, though not intended for sale. I'm not sure if these were stable varieties or still segregating.

The Yellow Furry Boar plant should have produced yellow fruit with green stripes ripening to gold, with a slightly fuzzy skin, with a gorgeous sweet taste. What grew instead was a dwarf type with rugose leaves which reached a height of four and half feet. Fruits were pale yellow and solid colour, no fuzz no stripes, taste was mild and pleasant. Mistakes do sometimes happen and although not the variety I had chosen it did have merits and I used it in in a cross to Mydwfa GWR, a small growing green when ripe dwarf.

Yellow Furry Boar, with slightly rugose leaves,
green fruit with dark shoulders

Nice small to medium fruit

Quite a pale yellow both inside and out

Comparison of fruits running clockwise,
Yellow furry Boar, White Zebra, Blonde Boar,
Vernissage Yellow and Spot Yellow.  

I hope to grow this variety again this season from both the original seed I have and a fresh pack.

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