Saturday, 26 April 2014

Latvian Tomatoes?

Recently I received seeds for two varieties from a friend who in turn received them from her Latvian friend, who works on a commercial farm in Latvia. She thought they were Latvian and wrote the names as Fontana a large red beefsteak and Milda a yellow fruited variety. I wondered if they might both be F1's and possibly not bred in Latvia, but I'll grow them and see how they do. I hope I might be able to find out a little more information about them.

Update 22/05/2014
I'd not been very successful finding out about these two varieties. My friend suggested I search using 'Tomati Milda' which does bring up more information although there is some variation in the descriptions. Milda is a indeterminate variety producing large oval fruit which are yellow/orange in colour. They produce large trusses and the tomatoes have a thin skin, which are then sold from the farm or market. 

Fontana is proving more difficult to look up as searches bring up several 'Fontanas' and it's not clear if any relate to this one. Luckily the kind seed donor will be in Latvia soon and we hope able to find a little more information/history. 


  1. How intresting about Milda.I have got the ,,Milda" too..But it is rose oval fruit , very good productive, very good taste, latvian variety, not hibrid :D really, there is not much info in internet.

    1. Many thanks for the information, I've still had no luck growing these out but I'm very much looking forward to seeing whether they will be yellow or rose. I've really been struggling to find anything on the net I think sometimes just slight differences in spelling make all the difference.