Saturday, 26 April 2014

Shadow Boxing, bred by Tom Wagner

One of my favourite Shadow Boxing lines in 2012

I first grew this segregating variety in 2012, my seeds came from Tom Wagner's then site New World Crops "Pink-purple slicer with purple stripes. Blue vine. Some late-blight resistance". 

I think I grew 5 or 6 plants that first year. From an early stage the seedling showed individual traits, some with antho, others differing leaf shape. Plants appeared to be indeterminate, although not very tall.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

I particularly loved the look of the pointy shaped fruits as they started to develop, again differing amounts of anthocyanin were present in the fruits. Typically they have long sepals. 

Fruit fully formed, most around a small saladette size

On the chopping block

I didn't take many pictures of my segregates in 2013 which is a shame. Interestingly there was a marked difference in vine types dividing them into looking like short determinates, dwarf or short growing indeterminates. None produced the delightfully long pointy fruits I hoped for, although this one pictured below had quite a nice shape with stripes. 

Shadow Boxing 2013

Having the dwarf and short determinate types appear ties in with another line I grew in 2013, 'Dwarf Shadow Boxing' again the same breeding but found and distributed by Good Mind Seeds. 

For 2014 I've decided to sow some saved seeds from the pointy antho plant shown in the first picture and some of the same line from 2013 with the longer and striped fruits. But as I write this I'm wishing I had sown some more of  the original seed I had from Tom, ah, perhaps next year. 

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  1. Nice segregates, pictures, and write-up.I too got Shadow Boxing seed from Tom in 2011. The three plants I had [grown in 2012] produced 1) A dwarf; Red with Yellow striping, but no anthocyanin expression; with an early August harvest date. 2) Row 2 Plant 1-- Regular Leaf (RL), Indeterminate, Red, Striped, Good antho' coverage on 3/4 of fruit. Late August harvest. But the flavor was much better in the indeterminates. 3) Row 2 Plant 2-- RL, Indet. Red, striped, antho', late August harvest. I wish I had planted more plants at once for a better selection pool but as you know Tom does not give very many seeds, so planting all at once would be the best choice for the best selection process. I have one seed left from the original batch. I believe the original intent [for the Shadow Boxing name] was to look for a dwarf, stripes, and anthocyanin. Nipples might be cute but I do not think they are conducive for shipping as they would poke other fruit and pierce them.