Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Chocolate Blues

A determinate variety, bred by Tom Wagner. This is a segregating variety released through Tom's site New World Seeds and Tubers in 2012. The first year I grew 3 Chocolate Blues plants all with striped fruit. Where the tomatoes had been directly in sunlight they produced almost a purple black colour from naturally occurring anthocyanins, underneath the 'blue' stripes can still be seen faintly. These tomatoes ripened to a reddy-brown colour, very pretty and a good tomato taste.

This year's selection of fruits, grown from the previous year's saved seed, is more varied to look at. Stripes, non striped, brown, green when ripe (GWR), most with dark antho intensified from sunlight a few just a faint show. 

The GWR are my favourites


And these fruit were the sweetest and best flavoured, I love how they look too. 

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