Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Black Casady

Black Casady, bred by Tom Wagner and released as an unstable variety by Tom Wagner seeds in 2013.
These were a very nice variety to grow, they look gorgeous and produced a good crop of tomatoes for me. I found their taste sweet and spicy, with a good follow up of 'tomatoey' flavour. Fruits are a beautiful red/black and most of the plants I grew had faint stripes on the tomatoes. They have a slim elongated shape and are quite small, which makes them very easy to pick and eat several each time I passed!  Of the plants I grew, all had subtle variation in colour, stripes and flavour. I will be growing these again.

Faint striping on unripe fruit 

Combination of fruits from 5 plants, I added a pencil to give a sense of size.
I just think they look so cute!

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